Eliminating the superfluous and identifying the furnishing complements.
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Personal dresser Italy – Cinderella goes to, the best personal dresser in Italy



We help you take full advantage of available space, eliminating the superfluous and identifying the furnishing complements that turn an area with no character into a cosy environment that represents your lifestyle and taste.
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Personal dresser Italy

Home detox

Home Managment

Living in a tidy space that is functional to your own needs where you feel free to focus on what you like the most, without the oppression of pointless objects. Our professional organizer will help you to eliminate the superfluous and to rediscover the balance between function and style so you can live in your home with greater peace of mind. We analyse your behaviour and lifestyle to lay out a strategy that will let you put your personal organisation method into practice, improving your domestic management. Meet your personal organizer to define your objectives and to build the path most suited to you.

Personal dresser Italy
Personal dresser Italy

Wardrobe detox

Wardrobe management

An image consultant and a Professional Organizer will guide you to regain the control of your


. Get rid of the superfluous stuff you will get an organized and functional wardrobe that every day allows you to easily choose outfits that truly reflects your personality and your lifestyle.

Personal dresser Italy

Personal dresser Italy

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