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Italy - Salento – Cinderella goes to, Italy - Salento

Italy - Salento


Italy - Salento

6 Days
A ‘’benvenuto’’ to the South: the soul of Italy.
A region where genuine flavors and the beauties of nature are combined with historical vestiges and it is littered with the detritus of diverse and gilded ages.
Let your senses guide you in the discovery of different habitats: centuries-old olive groves and pastures, fossil dunes, and enchanting beaches. Have a typical lunch in a ‘’masseria’’, dive into transparent waters near archeological sites and swim in the pristine seas of the large, protected marine nature reserve. The Salento is sun-kissed year round. Alongside art, excellent Mediterranean cuisine, and genuine hospitality, the area boasts a fabulous landscape, ranging from the Adriatic coast and the marinas of Santa Cesarea Terme and Otranto, to the Ionian Sea and towns like Porto Cesareo.

The mornings will be relaxed as we will mostly start activities about 9 am. You will choose how busy you wish your day to be and whether you prefer to explore independently or join our guided activities. So, join us on this fascinating journey through some of Salento’s most fascinating iconic places on this vacation.

The trip can be customized depending on your preferences and the places you want to see for an unforgettable tour through Salento. Talk to us about a bespoke itinerary.
Explore our wide range  and tailor your experience to suit your tastes, interests, budget and needs.
6 days -Leisure time in Porto Cesareo, Melpignano, Leuca, Santa Cesarea Terme, Castro, Otranto and Lecce

Professional Tour Director while touring, English and Italian speaking

Touring by private, first-class, air-conditioned van

Food & Drink Experiences:
Our itineraries are designed to ensure you an authentic culinary experiences. According to your needs and taste your guide will suggest in each restaurant  the must try dishes. Our tours include breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and soft drinks.
Porto cesareo lives according to the rhythm of the sea and is surrounded by the beautiful small port, with the fish market and the characteristic coloured boats. The local cuisine boasts all the flavors of the Salento, which are best accompanied by excellent local wines, wild vegetables and delicious sweets.

Melpignano, located in the heart of the Grecìa Salentina, is a small village, which belongs to the club of Borghi Autentici d’Italia (Authentic Hamlets of Italy) and to the association Comuni Virtuosi (Virtuous Municipalities), is crowded with more than one hundred thousand visitors during the Night of the Taranta, which takes place in August. 

Visit the end of Puglia region, an area of Salento made of numerous small and fascinating villages where the Ionian and the Adriatic Sea meet. Explore Santa Maria di Leuca, hire a local sailor to take you on a boat tour, to see the truly fascinating underwater caves and other geological formations off the coast.

Admire the elegant Oriental profile of Santa Cesarea Terme overlooks the Adriatic from atop a plateau that plummets down to the sea.
Visit the town's symbol the Moorish dome and look at the local skyline shaped by the extravagant lines of the town's noble dwellings: Villa Raffaella, Palazzo Tamborrino and Palazzo Gargasole.
Not far from Santa Cesarea Terme discover the the beautiful Castro, a town imbued with history and legends. It is perched on a cliff, overlooking the Adriatic Sea, and stretching towards the sea, it becomes a marina awarded the Blue Flag.

Set on a rocky spur on Italy's most easterly coastline, Otranto has been recognized by UNESCO as a “Culture of Peace Messenger Site.” Walk along the Lungomare degli Eroi, at the foot of the ancient city centre. Go past the monument dedicated to the Martyrs, sculpted by Antonio Bortone, and head down the stairs through the Porta Alfonsina to the old town. Take time to visit the Castello Aragonese and the Cathedral, with its precious mosaic floor and the relics of 800 martyrs killed by the Turks in 1480.

Called ‘’the Florence of the south’’, Lecce is a journey into the Baroque, with churches, palazzos embroidered in stone, courtyards, secret gardens and a surprising Roman amphitheater in the heart of the city.
Good accommodations are vital to your enjoyment on tour, so we pre-screen before selecting. Hotels are as shown, although it may be necessary to substitute with an alternate hotel of equivalent standard.
The following optional excursions are examples only for this vacation. These may or may not be offered, and availability is subject to days of operation and seasonality. Please request a quote for a specific departure date to view optional excursions and pricing for a specific date.
Italy - Salento
Cooking Class
The art of cooking is not just simply following a recipe. Each dish is influenced by the creativity and passion of the person who prepares it as well as the quality of the raw ingredients. With our day-long cooking classes, our guests will learn to prepare handmade pasta and other traditional Pugliese dishes and to transform humble ingredients into delightfully flavourful dishes.
Italy - Salento
A tour inside the so called ''Parco dei Paduli'', an area of 5.500 hectares entirely dedicated to the olive trees plantation. It’s one of the biggest olive tree grove in Salento, rich of masserie, dolmen and pajare. A green oasis to enjoy with some wonderful bicycle rides in the middle of centuries-old plants.
Italy - Salento
What better way to begin a day than with a relaxing and revitalising yoga session? Whether you are a regular practitioner or would like to take the opportunity to sample this ancient discipline for the first time, you will have the chance to start your day awakening and expanding your body and soul.
Italy - Salento
Vespa tour
Discover the delights of the local area using a Vespa scooters piaggio 125 for excursions.
Italy - Salento
Bauxite quarry
Around Otranto – near the famous Punta Palascia lighthouse – there’s an emerald green lake surrounded by red earth. It is a deposit of bauxite, a sedimentary rock mainly made of oxides and hydroxides of iron and aluminum, usually employed to produce aluminum.
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