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Central Morocco – Cinderella goes to, Central Morocco

Central Morocco


Central Morocco

6 Days
Experience the wonder, heritage and culture of magical Morocco. Put on your babouches and travel back to a slower time of aromatic mint tea in cool courtyards and sun-drenched bazaars overflowing with handmade jewelry and colorful tagines during our Morocco luxury tour. From the colored, enchanted Marrakech medinas to the Sahara desert landscape. Travel in a camel convoy, sleep under the North African stars, explore villages off the beaten track and enjoy the history around every corner.

The mornings will be relaxed as we will mostly start activities about 9 am. You will choose how busy you wish your day to be and whether you prefer to explore independently or join our guided activities. So, join us on this fascinating journey through some of Morocco’s most fascinating iconic places on this vacation.

The trip can be customized depending on your preferences and the places you want to see for an unforgettable tour through Morocco. Talk to us about a bespoke itinerary.

Explore our wide range  and tailor your experience to suit your tastes, interests, budget and needs.
Leisure time in Marrakech, Ait-Ben Haddou, Ouarzazate and sand dunes of Erg Chebbi.

Professional Tour Director while touring, English and Arabic speaking.

Touring by private, first-class, air-conditioned 4x4 and camel ride through the Sahara Desert.

Food & Drink Experiences:
Moroccan cuisine is the culinary star of North Africa. Our itineraries are designed to ensure you an authentic culinary experiences. According to your needs and taste your guide will suggest in each restaurant  the must try dishes. Our tours include breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and soft drinks.
Private chef on demand.
Welcome to Marrakech, Morocco.  A mixture of traditional and contemporary, Marrakech holds the promise of incomparable sensations.
Be seduces by the alluring scents and brilliant colours of the spice markets, the sounds of the musicians, the rich folds of carpets, delectable foods, acrobats and perfumed gardens.
Walk through a gate into the medina and advance into the old district with a local guide and get lost in  the endless amounts of souqs selling Berber and Arabic craftsmanship: pottery, woodwork, copper, leather, carpets, spices and much more. The spectacular mosques, tombs and ruins that are dotted around the city.

Crossing the high atlas mountains, driving along the ancient caravan route and over Morocco's highest pass to Ait Ben Haddou, which marks the beginning of the Sahara desert.
All along the road you can see the Berber villages perched on the side of the mountains, sometimes hardly distinguishable from the mountains themselves. Ait Benhaddou was once an important stop for caravans passing through as they carried salt across the Sahara, returning with gold, ivory and slaves. Today its grand kasbah has been listed as a World Heritage site. As you reach the far side of the mountains the landscape changes dramatically, becoming semi-arid and desert-like.

A full immersion in the most beautiful, spectacular and dramatic scenery in the world: Where the sun meets the sea of sand.
Experience the camel treks or the 4x4 ride through the Sahara Desert, exploring the undulating golden sand of the dunes, spend the nights in a bivouac of nomad luxury tents in the Sahara and enjoy a traditional Berber dinner. If you wake up early enough, you can watch the spectacle of the sunrise, when the colour of the dunes and the play of shadows are an awesome sight.

Enjoy a real Lawrence of Arabia moment this morning with a sunrise camel or a 4x4 ride across the desert. During the road to Marrakech or Ouarzazate you will find and unbelievable variety of landscapes, ranging from deserts to green valleys, palmeraies and Berber village. Authentic destinations bursting with myriad wonders that will take your breath away. 
Good accommodations are vital to your enjoyment on tour, so we pre-screen before selecting. Hotels are as shown, although it may be necessary to substitute with an alternate hotel of equivalent standard.
The following optional excursions are examples only for this vacation. These may or may not be offered, and availability is subject to days of operation and seasonality. Please request a quote for a specific departure date to view optional excursions and pricing for a specific date.
Central Morocco
You can climb on your own to the highest dune, or walk in the sand dunes around the camp. For longer walks, we recommend that you take one of our Berbers guide with you.
Central Morocco
Différents kind of méditation and associated activities will be set up, according to your program and time of the year : Sunset or sunrise meditations, meditative walking, camel walking, meditative lunch, calligraphy, mandalas, energizing care, Tibetan sacred chants, Tibetan astrology…
Central Morocco
Our safari guide will collect you from your camp in a 4-wheel drive vehicle and drives you to the meeting point for your Quad Trek. It is 4 km (15 mn) from the camp. In the desert, follow your guide along the natural trail of the dunes. Driving and safety instructions are provided.
Central Morocco
Our safari guide will collect you from your camp in a 4-wheel drive vehicle and drives you to the meeting point for your buggy activity. It is 4 km (15 mn) from the camp. In the desert, follow your guide along the natural trail of the dunes. Driving and safety instructions are provided. All dune buggies are 4-wheel drive and fully automatic; with seat belts, roll cages and off-road suspension.
Central Morocco
During the Palaeozoic era - about 540 million to 250 million years ago - the southeast of Morocco lay under the sea. At your arrival, the manager as guide gives an informative tour in English of his huge collection , highlighting the wide variety of fossils and the many forms they have manufactured them from artistic display objects to major pieces of furniture.
In the town's museum, in the exhibition space, a fine cloud of dust hangs above craftsmen who are working to cut, carve and polish the fossils pulled from the ground.
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