Tailormade journeys

We are tourism specialists and professional travelers who loves to provide customized packages, designed around your interests and your passions with reliability. Concerning a business trip or a holiday, our Travel Designers are involved in every aspect of the trip organization: from the flight booking to the necessary steps to obtain a visa, from the hotel research
to the planning of the activities in the location you chose. The destinations that we recommend are personally tested by our experts to ensure a safe, unique and authentic experience, that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. We are always at your disposal thanks to an international network and a strong team of local partners.


  • exotic & relax
    Dream destinations around the world
    White beaches, ​​a thousand shades of blue see, coral reefs and relaxation. Dream vacation away from everyday life. From New Caledonia to Easter Island, from Polynesia to Los Roques, your Voyage Designer turn any holiday into an unforgettable experience.
    Places, peoples & cultures
    Quality cultural itineraries that offer not only an organization of destinations, but also a total overview of symbols, culture and traditions of the peoples. Customized historical and thematic routes to discover the extraordinary beauty of the artistic and world natural heritage.
    For everyone
    There are many reasons to travel: there are people who dream to relax on a quiet beach and those who are looking for an adrenaline rush. Customized itineraries for the one who loves adventure, nature and physical activity in total freedom: paragliding, 4x4, kayaking and lots more.
    Vacanze in famiglia
    Trips that pay particular attention to the needs of the whole family. Routes, activities, and facilities to make a pleasant trip experience for kids and parents! Planning and reservations as well as continued assistance and information about necessary documents, vaccinations and all that allows you to fully enjoy your holidays.
    A thousand and one night
    Our travel designers will assist you in the realization of your desires, whatever they are. Exclusive candlelight dinners, romantic sunset cruises, picnics in heavenly places, relaxing massages in the privacy of your villa, champagne and fruit in your room... We take care ofevery details to ensure a unique experience, an unforgettable moment of life.
    Extraordinary experiences
    Traveling alone. Who has never tried it, should try at least once in his life! Our Travel Designer will help you to choose the best solution that meet your needs and expectations: travel for cultural experiences or naturalistic holidays in exclusive resorts, sports and adventure; places far from the traditional tourism or city to discover.



Journeys off-the-beaten-path by CGTravel allow you to escape

the crowds and explore the roads less travelled in style


Una selezione accurata dei migliori hotel in tutte le più belle destinazioni del mondo. Non ti resta che scegliere.

    Travel assistance
    We study your needs and your time, we formulate itineraries, excursions and transfers to enable you to enjoy the most the location you chose for your vacation. From the most famous and known place to niche places, we will guide you discovering everything that must be seen. Thanks to a strong partnerships with the best companies we can ensure private and professional services.
    Travelling responsibly
    Respect and awareness, these are the ingredients of sustainable tourism. We design tourist routes, in accordance to the principles of the AITR Identity Card for sustainable trips (Italian Association for Responsible Tourism), in all regions and geographical areas of the world.
    Paperwork & Health
    Before taking a trip, it is essential to be informed about the guidelines on passports, visas and vaccinations related to the country of destination. Entrust the management of all the complex bureaucratic operations to our travel designers: health, vaccinations, passports, visas and insurance, helpful tips about local rules and conventions, as well as important information on currency and transfers.


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